Growing Elite Marijuana Review

Growing Elite Marijuana Review

What do you think the most important part of growing marijuana is?


Growing Elite Marijuana will give you the knowledge to improve your grow room now! Looking for a guaranteed way to improve yields? You’ve found it!

Who Would Find Value In This Guide?

  • First-time growers

  • New growers who keep failing

  • Experienced growers looking to improve growing technique and yield

If you fall into any of these categories, then there is something in Growing Elite Marijuana for you.

I wish I had known about this guide when I started growing because it would have saved me a lot of time and heartache. I finally managed to discover it after I had failed two times, and it led me to my first successful grow. Now, I reference it after every grow to see what new techniques I can try (the guide is hundreds of pages).

The Value of Growing Marijuana

Why is Growing Elite Marijuana Valuable?

This guide is going to give you 3 awesome advantages that are sure to boost your confidence and success with your grow. They are:

  • Time Saved

    The word I like to use for Growing Elite Marijuana is compendium. It has so much information in one place that whenever you have a question, you really only have to turn to one place for an answer. This is going to save you hours trying to find information that you can’t even be sure of its accuracy, which brings me to…

  • Reliability of Info

    A lot of information out there about growing marijuana is hard to find, misleading or, at worst, downright false. I know the information in Growing Elite Marijuana is reliable because it actually led me to success where I had previously failed twice and also helped me…

  • Increase Overall Yields

    I actually came across this guide initially because I was looking for growing guides other growers were recommending. Many of them were recommending GEM and claiming helped they increase yields by 100% or more with its help, so I decided to give it a stab.

    Not only has this guide brought me my first success, but my end yields have almost tripled in just a few grows. Nothing is more reliable than results in my book.

What is Growing Elite Marijuana

What Exactly Is Inside Growing Elite Marijuana?

This guide is packed tight with hundreds of pages covering a wide variety of topics with a broad spectrum of skill levels in mind. Put simply, there’s something in it for everyone.

But just to give you a few examples, here are some of the things I learned from the guide that brought me my first success as well as techniques I plan on using to increase yields in the future:

Lessons I’ve Learned

  • Nutrients & pH – The information I was finding all over the place about nutrients and pH was very hard to follow and confusing for me. This guide made what I needed to know very clear.

  • Root Rot – I didn’t really know what root rot was until I got it, and by then it was too late. I understood that root rot had killed my crop, but I wasn’t sure what I was really doing wrong to cause it. This guide helped me figure out what was wrong and how to solve it.

Ideas It’s Given Me

  • Scrog – Short for Screen of Green. This technique allows you to maximize your space by training your plants into separate sections of a partitioned screen. It increases overall yield by exposing all your tops to equal amounts of light and reducing wasted light energy. I didn’t even know this existed until I read this guide.

    I plan to include a scrog in one of my grows very soon, which will show up in my growing journals.

  • Cloning – This technique is probably a little more well-known but tends to be reserved for more experienced growers. By cloning, you can create carbon copies of your very best plants and always ensure they are A+ quality. Growing Elite Marijuana gives excellent guidance on how to clone and very insightful tips to increase success rates.

I still have a whole lot to learn from the guide too. If I had to guess, I have probably read only half of it and implemented even less, so there is still a lot of information in there for me to digest.

If you want to get a better idea of everything that’s in there, they give a really great breakdown on their site.

Click Here To See A Full List of Topics

Buy Growing Elite Marijuana

Is It Really Worth Buying?

I don’t know about you, but this is the most important question in my book. I always like to make sure I’m spending what little money I do have wisely. After all, I started growing marijuana because I wanted to save money, not to spend a bunch more!

That’s why when I started growing I just used free information that I found scattered here and there across the vast expanse of the Internet. If only I had known then what I know now, I would have paid $500 for this guide (and it would have been worth every penny).

As of today (June 1, 2012), the guide is only $57. That means in order for this guide to provide value for you, it should accomplish one of the following goals:

  • Waste Less Time

    What do you value your time at? If you could spend 10 hours researching how to grow marijuana versus 100 hours and get the same amount of information, how much would that be worth to you? If you value your time at just $1/hour, that would be $90 you saved.

    Though it’s hard to say how much time this guide will save you, you’ll definitely be wasting a lot less time with useless info by having this guide in your tool belt.

  • Help Preserve Sanity – Efficient Troubleshooting

    An issue with your plant that you have no idea how to solve is an unnerving experience. That disturbing feeling grows more and more prominent as the time to take a solution increases.

    Growing Elite Marijuana is the first source I turn to when I have any sort of problem. What kind of price would you put on having your own know-it-all growing research assistant available to you at all hours of the day?

  • Save Yourself The Cost of Failure

    Failing a grow is a double whammy of wasted time and resources. Not only do you lose the cost of seeds, nutrients, and power, you also lose the opportunity to finish a successful grow which could be worth thousands of dollars!

    If this guide steers you away from a failure, it will have paid for itself many times over. Even if you would have succeeded anyways, if the knowledge inside increases your end yield by just 1/4 oz, it would have paid for itself. It can definitely do that for you, and it’s even satisfaction guaranteed!

Click Here For More Ways You’ll Benefit

In my case, the guide has nailed all 3 of these goals, so it has been well worth the investment. This is why I recommend Growing Elite Marijuana to anyone who wants to learn how to grow weed indoors. All of the advanced equipment and premium seeds in the world won’t amount to much if they don’t have a powerful well of knowledge powering them.

Add this guide to your knowledge banks and you’ll be taking a giant leap towards a green paradise filled with gargantuan bud yields!

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  3 Responses to “Growing Elite Marijuana Review”

  1. I’m new to growing so was looking for information with enough meat to see that I would have success.

    I did manage to kill the first few plants I grew but after reading this book I was able to finally have a successful grow. Now I want to say that I got this book after I started this grow and with it’s guidance I was able to save it from dying on at least two occasions. There is a lot of not so good advice out there on the net. My overall quantity was not as high as it could be but it was sure super to see that I can do this and save a great deal of money. Where I live is not a great place to find and purchase weed, risky to say the least. So now I have complete control over the whole process, no worries about the law, will be completely free after the initial investment, and more than enough weed to see me through the winter so to speak. One big plus is the pleasure of growing my own meds as well!! The quality, and knowing that it really is free of any nasty ingredients is another plus.

  2. Have to disagree on how great this book is; just started reading the first chapter only to find two glaring errors: thc is NOT water soluble (see page 10), and his explanation of how CBD affects the high is incorrect and confusing (pg 14).

    Not a great start…not impressed

    • Your criticisms are fair and correct. To be honest though, I hadn’t even read that part of the guide before you mentioned it because I didn’t see it as a relevant topic in learning to grow. I actually would like to hear what you think of the guide as you move into the growing parts of the guide since that’s really what it’s intended for (and the only sections that I personally focus on). I’m hoping you’ll find that the growing information is actually fairly extensive and useful, please let me know!

      Also keep in mind though, this guide isn’t meant to be the only source of information you use in your grows; it certainly isn’t mine. It’s a reliable first step towards acquiring new growing knowledge and techniques, but isn’t meant to replace all other information out there or the most powerful information of all — experience.


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