Indica vs Sativa

Is your next high going to glue you to the couch or have you creating a riveting masterpiece? A lot of that depends on which type of marijuana you are using, indica or sativa. Understanding how your body and mind react differently to each type of weed will allow you to pick and choose marijuana strains that give you the THC experience you’re looking for.

What Exactly is Indica and Sativa?

Indica and sativa are the short names of the two most prominent types of marijuana, cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. These 2 families represent virtually all marijuana use, so when you get high, you can be sure it’s indica, sativa, or most likely a mix of both.

Whether it’s Widow, Kush, or any of the other hundreds of marijuana strains that exist, each is going to have its own ratio of indica and sativa in its genetic makeup. Pure indicas and pure sativas do exist (though I’ve never used one), but after decades of experimentation from growers with strain cross-breeding, it is very difficult to find marijuana that isn’t a mix of the two.

Lemon Haze Indica

In places where you can buy marijuana, each different type will typically be labeled with the indica-sativa ratio or label what the dominant genetics are. If a certain strain is 60-70% or more indica, then it is considered indica dominant, and the same goes for sativa. If there is a close balance between the two, the strain is considered a hybrid. For example, AK-47 is typically 65-70% sativa (30-35% indica) meaning it is a sativa dominant strain.

Though there are many unique features between indicas and sativas, the difference EVERY user will want to be familiar with is what type of high you will get from each one. Exceptions will exist based on individual strain and user, but the following descriptions are what users tend to experience when using that particular type.

Indica High

The Indica High – Boldly Go Nowhere

Ever been so high you feel like it would take every ounce of effort for you just to claw your way from where you are sitting? That feeling is likely caused by the use of indica. I would even hypothesize that the term “stoned” came from the feeling people got when they were under the effects of indica: like a stone unable to move. Indicas are often described as giving the user a body high.

Indicas are perfect for those days dedicated to relaxing and kicking back. When I want to nerd it up and play video games all day, indicas are what I’m using. Indicas are also perfect when watching movies, surfing the intrawebz, or just to pass out when you really just want some quality rest.

Plenty of people use indicas for their specific medicinal benefits as well. Because indicas possess a special focus on the body, it is no wonder that they provide pain relief for people with ailments such as Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia. Many insomnia sufferers also swear by the power of indicas to induce sleepy time.

Sativa High

The Sativa High – Feel Like Einstein

You know how sometimes when you use marijuana, you feel motivated to write the next great American novel or repaint the Sistine Chapel? This kind of sudden inspiration occurs often when under the influence of sativas. Sativas have gained a lot of popularity in the last couple decades and it’s no surprise why. Sativas create vivid scenes in your mind and allow you to find words that you might struggle to find without.

Using sativas is an excellent way to tap into the far reaches of the creative oceans of your mind; how many ideas you want to catch is up to you. Whenever I want to be productive, and especially when I’m writing, I find my sativa first. My writing becomes more imaginative and rich. It definitely enriches the final piece.

As far as the medicinal benefits of sativas, they tend to focus on mental and behavioral issues. I have talked to a number of depression patients who say sativa use literally saved their lives and allowed them to actually enjoy life again. Speaking from experience, my anxiety and panic attacks have become far less severe ever since I started using sativas more often. There have also been numerous studies which show individuals with ADHD can focus better while using sativa. Yes, it seems like there aren’t many conditions marijuana can’t help out with!

Sativa Frost

You Are a Unique Beautiful Snowflake and So Is Your Bud

This should give you a good idea of what you want to reach for next time you are deciding which type of bud you get. Keep in mind though, people and marijuana strains are wide-ranging which means you are best served by paying attention to how you specifically respond to indicas and sativas. By keeping track, you will gain a fuller understanding of how your body and mind react to each. Use this information to your advantage, and you can start picking your high.

  7 Responses to “Pick Your High | Indica or Sativa”

  1. Need depression therapy

  2. Nice site :)
    Question, I smoked a strain of kush once and I felt my heart racing… Was that indica or sativa!?!? In my smoking years I never had that type of high
    KEEP TOKING (e)_(e)

    • Every strain is different for everyone, but a noticeable racing heart was probably sativa. Also, all weed seems to increase heart rate, the difference is sativa might make you more aware of it because of the effects it has on your mental capacities.

  3. Do all Indicas leave you with that ‘wasted’ physical crashing type feeling after it wears off, or do some strains of Indica not do that?

    • As a general rule, yes they do, but there are no absolutes in weed effects. There are many hybrids that have indica genetics that don’t give that feeling.


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