Indica vs Sativa


Do you want to know more about indica vs sativa? Understanding the key differences between indicas and sativas is valuable knowledge for any regular marijuana user. On this page, you will find answers to 7 of the most frequently asked questions regarding sativa vs indica.

What kind of high will I get from indica vs sativa?

Indica use creates a “couch-lock”, I-don’t-want-to-move-a-muscle type high. Using indica is a great choice for those nights indoors watching TV, playing video games, or just chilling with close companions. The indica high numbs the body down and induces an overall sense of relaxation, which is ideal for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Sativa use produces more of a mental, cereberal high, which often results in a boost in energy and imagination. Sativa strains are perfect when working creatively in activities such as writing, painting, and brainstorming new ideas. Sativas are also a great choice for enhancing the experience at artistic events like movies and concerts.

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How do I get the most THC out of indicas and sativas?

Whether it is an indica or sativa, the most efficient and effective way to extract THC from marijuana is through the process of vaporization. Vaporization is an ingenious process that heats marijuana to an optimal temperature just below the point when it would start to burn. At this temperature, the THC will be released into the air through vapor rather than smoke. The result is hits that are 90% THC or more instead of the usual smoke which is often less than 20% THC, filled with carcinogens, and harsh to both the throat and lungs.

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If you are smoking your weed rather than vaporizing it, you are literally wasting 80% of your marijuana and irritating your lungs at the same time (some people even get bronchitis from smoking). Vaporization will get you as good of high, if not better, while at the same time saving you a ton of money in marijuana costs because you can use the same buds longer.

What type of cannabis is easier to grow, sativa vs indica?

The short answer is it will vary from strain to strain because every strain has unique characteristics and traits. There are a lot of common requirements between both such as nutrients, lighting, water, ph balancing, etc., but indica and sativa strains do have some key differences when growing.

In my experience, it is easier to grow indicas than sativas. Indicas are easy to manage and often stay very compact which is especially ideal if you are growing indoors like I do. Indicas also take considerably less time to flower (8-12 weeks for indicas, 10-14 weeks for sativas), so if yield is a key factor, then indicas are a clear choice.

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That being said, a lot of people greatly prefer the sativa high to the indica high (myself included), so growing sativas is sometimes preferred. Sativas tend to produce a lower yield, but the quality of the high can easily make up for it. I would also say growing sativas is probably best left for someone who has had a few successful grows under their belt because they can be more fickle and take a higher degree of patience.

If you want to learn more about how to grow weed indoors, then take a look at my free guide which shows how you can get big bud yields from seed to finish even if you have never grown a plant in your life.

What are the most popular strains of indicas and sativas?

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different strains and mixes of indicas and sativas, but not all marijuana strains are created equal. If you are seeking quality indica and sativa buds, these are some of the most well-known and recommended within the cannabis community.

Popular Indica Strains

  • Kush (OG, Bubba, Master)
  • White Rhino
  • Blueberry
  • Romulan
  • Granddaddy Purp

Popular Sativa Strains

  • Haze (Purple, Super Silver)
  • Jack Herer
  • Acapulco Gold
  • C99 (Cinderella-99)
  • Train Wreck

It should be noted that these days it is hard to find a 100% pure indica or sativa strain. The lists above show the particular strains dominant genetics, but virtually all marijuana strains are a hybrid to some degree.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a certain strain of interest, which is why growing marijuana is a skill every serious marijuana user should possess. It gives you the freedom to pick whatever strain you want without having to question the quality and without having to pay an overpriced dealer or dispensary.

What are the medicinal effects of sativa vs indica?

Let me start off by saying I’m not a doctor, so you might want to do your own research or speak to a doctor before deciding if marijuana use is appropriate in treating your specific ailment. This is especially true if it is possible in your state to get a green card so you get the opportunity to use it legally. That being said, when analyzing the medicinal uses of indicas and sativas, there are some key similarities as well as differences.


One of the most well known similarities between the indica and sativa strains is their ability to relieve nausea. Medical marijuana is a popular choice in people who are afflicted with HIV/AIDS or are currently enduring chemotherapy. These 2 situations are notorious for causing severe episodes of nausea, which can be effectively eliminated with the introduction of THC into the system.

Increased appetite is another well-known benefit to people like this who are extremely ill but have a difficult time eating and staying nourished. When an individual is recovering or weakened for long periods of time, it is especially important that their body receives proper nutrition. Possessing a strong appetite could be the biggest difference between positive well-being and persistent sickness.

Whether it is an indica or sativa, these 2 medicinal benefits will surely be available. Though I have listed only 2, there are numerous positive effects of weed.

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Noteworthy differences between indica and sativa are their abilities to relieve pain and insomnia. While both strains can achieve these effects to varying degrees, indicas tend to be more valuable in treating issues related to the body while sativas address problems of the mind.

Individuals suffering from chronic pain and afflictions such as Multiple Sclerosis or fibromyalgia will most likely find indicas are more potent for reducing pain levels. Indica serves as a great analgesic (pain reliever) for countless individuals.

Someone suffering from insomnia will probably also find that indica is an ideal solution. Under the effects of indica, users will definitely feel drowsy, tired, and have a strong urge to fall asleep. For someone who can’t bring themselves to rest, this effect could be nothing short of a blessing.

Sativas on the other hand are superb at addressing conditions like depression. Lots of people who suffer from depression would do anything to be able to find relief and will take prescription after prescription just to find some with unfavorable side effects. Yet, cannabis sativa can put people into the greatest of moods with virtually no negative effects (especially if vaporizing).

Some studies have also shown that sativas are capable of treating the symptoms of ADHD. At first glance it almost seems counterintuitive, but some ADHD sufferers say they can only focus when high on a sativa.

What are the physical differences between indica and sativa?

The best way to tell whether a marijuana plant is sativa vs indica is to look at the plant itself. Sativas will tend to grow taller and stalkier while indicas will tend to be shorter and bushier.

The plant’s leaves are also a very clear indication of which family it is a part of. Indicas have wide, fat leaves whereas sativas have narrower, finger-like leaves.

How can I tell if my buds are indica or sativa?

When it comes to identifying indica and sativa buds in its dried and cured form, there is no guaranteed method to identify which family it is a part of. Indica buds do tend to be denser and darker, and sativas are usually lighter and more airy. However, this is not by any stretch an ironclad method of identifying whether the buds are indica or sativa.

The only real way to tell once the weed has reached final product stage is by using it and making a determination based on the effects the buds are producing. It’s unfortunate that there is no other real method because not knowing until use could be worthless if it’s already bought and not what the buyer wanted. This is just another reason why growing marijuana is the best option for any serious user: full control over the buds that are grown, harvested, and used.

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Where can I get the best indica and sativa seeds for growing?

Any seasoned grower knows that Sensi seeds are the cream of the crop when it comes to seeds and are sure to give explosive yields for your grow. Our friends at Zamnesia have these high-quality seeds for sale with a guaranteed best price and safe, reliable shipping!

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  1. I just tried getting high for the first time in my life night before last out of sheer curiosity. I’m nearly 30 and I’m not crazy by the idea of smoking and never have been, so instead I ate it. First night I ate cookies infused with Indica, and last night cookies infused with Sativa.

    With the Indica, I was sitting in bed quite a while after eating, thinking to myself this shit doesn’t do a god damn thing, and literally the very next second it kicked in. I instantly went from zero to high (or at least buzzed). My whole body got really heavy and relaxed. A while later I was watching an old cartoon and it was kind of trippy under the influence of the Indica. My whole body felt heightened sensations to everything in a good way. Every touch, every feel, every sensation felt good. (and it made certain things that already feel really good while not high even more amazing too…) I slept much heavier that night than usual, but felt kind of out of it and down on energy all day at work the next day. (Though that also might have been because I ate an entire bag of candy to myself that night (most of that was before the high hit, too)).

    With the Sativa, again I was sitting in bed when it start to hit. It was not as instantaneous as the Indica was, like I could actually feel it building. I didn’t actually feel a whole lot different from the Sativa. My eyes felt like they were wide and being held open when open, but like I also could have kept them shut forever when I closed them. It was very strange. I didn’t feel as heavy and relaxed as with the Indica. I kept waiting for that feeling of euphoria the people often talk about, a more creative mind flow, of even a hallucination, but none of that ever came. I tried watching cartoons again, but that goofy trippy feeling I experience on the Indica was absent. Although I felt a little light on my feet (kind of like an alcohol buzz) I felt as though there wasn’t much to a Sativa high as people claim there is and I could have gone about doing whatever just as normally as I ever would. I even tried eating MORE to no avail. And I don’t recall a major decrease in pain, but I also wasn’t paying attention to it either so there may have been more than I thought in the end (not sure). However, I did again sleep more deeply than usual last night.

    In the end, for me personally, I think that Indica is the way to go. It had much more of an intoxicating effect on me than Sativa (and with a smaller dosage!), hits instantly and hard once it does hit (because with eating you need to wait a while anyway), and just feels all around good.

    I don’t drink much at all, but every so often I will have a beer or two or three before bed. Since cannabis is now legal here where I live, I might have to exchange a beer night with an Indica cookie night every once in a while.

  2. Thank you for all of this information. I suffer from PTSD, severe anxiety and manic depressive disorder. I started taking Paxil after I got diagnosed with my disorders, trying to do things the “right” way. I started to become concerned when, after I missed a couple of doses, I would get “electric brain zaps”, which is like having muscle spasms with no actual, physical twitching, except maybe blinking repeatedly when the neurons fired. I was terrified of stopping the drug, and when I went to my doctor…you guessed it. He wanted to prescribe something ELSE for the muscle spasms.

    My friend invited me over at my lowest low, and offered me a bowl. Keep in mind, that my anxiety is the kind that, when I get nervous, I get nauseated, can’t eat, and often vomit at the peak of my attacks. I’ve gone a week without eating more that a couple of bites a day, and that used to happen regularly while I was on Paxil. I was raised in a household where “If you started smoking pot, you’d be doing pot and meth and cocaine and heroin in NO time”, so I was pretty scared. However, I overcame my fears, and tried the smallest of hits.

    The effect was instantaneous. My nausea, for the first time in YEARS, vanished after a few seconds. I was a little intimidated by my increase in heart rate, thinking I was panicking, but it quickly slowed to a calm, regular rhythm. Within the first few minutes, my chronic pain, caused by various severe injuries or abuse, started to fade. I remember sitting there, looking at my friend, tears streaming down my face, saying: “I don’t hurt. I don’t hurt. Thank you, God…I don’t hurt.”

    The feeling of…not feeling pain for the first time in years, almost instantaneously, was incredible. I have been smoking ever since. Whenever I start to worry, I take a small hit and I can talk myself out of going into a full on attack. If I can’t get to it before the attack starts, I can usually get to it when the nausea hits, and I can eat that day. When I wake up in the morning and my knee slips out of socket or doesn’t want to move, cannabis numbs the pain to the point that I can get up and walk around and not just wallow in my own pain and self-pity. I can think clearer, slower, and focus on my tasks at hand without feeling overburdened or stressed.

    I am also an agoraphobe and have symptoms of severe social anxiety. As in…smoking actually ALLOWS me to go out and be a productive member of society, rather than me being too afraid of people or “what if” situations that my brain fabricates.

    I would not be where I am if my friend hadn’t offered me that bowl. I have a new job, a new house, a new relationship and a new lease on life without constantly having to live with physical and emotional pain. I feel like I am finally free.

    I don’t care what God you believe in, if any, but Someone/Something needs to be praised for this natural miracle. Blaze on, my brothers and sisters.

    • I feel you! First night without pain was a miracle!

    • I’m happy you have found your cure in life. Weed is a miracle

    • Hi,

      I have many of the same issues as you. Can you tell me what type or strain you smoke. Is a sativa or indica better for the anxiety or PTSD?



      • I have anxiety tendencies and I prefer sativa, which increases anxiety. I think experiencing anxiety on my own terms (when I vape) helps me manage the anxiety when it occurs outside of my control.

    • β€œIf you started smoking pot, you’d be doing pot and meth and cocaine and heroin in NO time” = Propaganda. That was the same LIE told in school and my household as well. Fact is Marijuana is not a SPEEDBALL drug like Coca, Meth, and Heroin. If ANYONE started smoking pot and turned to those harsh drugs the ONLY reason is because the Marijuana was not strong enough for them and they wanted a “different” stronger high. Marijuana got a bad rep because the media showed those returning from war and the hippies of the 70’s smoking pot when they were actually high off of acid, Coca and other Psychotic drugs.

      Thank God you found Marijuana instead of addictive pharmaceutical paid Doc prescribed/suicidal harmful meds. You sound like you are doing well. I am so Happy for you and your new lease on life. No pain and happiness how cool is THAT for a SOLDIER!

  3. I grew up in the 60’s. I never got a high from pot, bong or joint. In fact I had no symptoms mentally, emotionally, or physically regardless of what I smoked or how much I smoked – ever. Needless to say, I stopped. When it was legalized, I purchased several joints. These were all hybrids, as most are a mix. I smoked 1 1/2 joints within 2 days. The first joint was neutral. A few hours after the 1/2 of a joint a day after the first joint, I became nauseous and overall felt sick. I figured this would last a few hours. I was sicker and sicker for 30 days, coughing and hacking at times uncontrollably. I would not wish it on anyone. I had no high, no benefit other than since I’m in my 6th decade, I certainly knew where more of my joints were hurting due to the pot enhancing awareness of pain. Allowing me more awareness is a benefit. This experience (and my early experiences) makes me wonder if MJ users are in touch with what they are actaully experiencing or are simply framing it a certain way based on what they imagine. In my case, I certainly did not have the slightest preconception that a joint would make me feel the least bit ill. Perhaps illness is part of what users experience frequently but only some users frame it as such. I view it that it was toxic to me (the present day strains) but also that it interacted with my self awareness in a positive sense because this was “my” take away. Of note: I typically smoke cigars, I never get sick but I often experience a mild, short lived state of euphoria. My first experience with a cigar as a kid was horrible by the way.Β 

  4. hi, can you suggest a strain that will give an energy boost…thanks in advance.

  5. sativa buds tend to have higher flower to leaf ratio while indica buds are usually more leafy

    • I niticed years ago that sativa has a noticable pH. 8-9 as opposed to indica at 5.5-7.2 or so. take a bite. The deer here only eat the high indica strains for that reason.

  6. Highhhhhh everyone >.<

    I am writing a comparison & contrast essay in my college English class on Sativa vs. Indica. I have until 12 tonight to submit my essay..which I'm done with just adding finishing touches to it…I ran into this website at the last minute & it's pretty cool! My essay was somewhat hard to put together, but I got it done. I elaborated on all the positive purposes marijuana serves because people should start realizing that shit. I'll be sure to like this pg. on Facebook.

  7. Very informative, facts I didn’t know…wait? what I talking about?

  8. i need the strongest Indaca for Pain ,so that my ony worry would be to lie on the couch or eat it..any help for 1 hurtin

  9. Hey everybody. I used to smoke pot pretty regularly a few years back. I’m 20 now, and smoked from 15-16. One time I had a huge fucking panic attack, and pretty much stopped smoking. Never having experienced a panic attack, I blew it out of proportion, and now, I have been battling this anxiety ever since then. I am becoming agoraphobic, and my life is really in the shit right. I had an idea though. I thought, “If I try and smoke again, maybe I can convince myself that it isnt so bad, and maybe this subconscious realization will help me forgive myself for allowing myself to get so damn high that I felt like I was losing my mind.”

    It sounds crazy, but what do you experienced weed enthusiasts think? Should I try it with my best friend and mom? They both smoke quite a bit, and we would be in a safe environment after all. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

    • I had the EXACT same experience pretty much. The first few times I smoked weed I was 14. The first time, I guess I smoked way too much and got way too high, and it led me into a huge panic attack where I thought I was going to die, went completely numb and rubbery and my heart was beating extremely fast. Second time pretty much the same thing happened, except less severely. Anyways, after those 2 experiences, I began having panic attacks, depression, and anxiety all combined, and it really fucked with my life for a few years.

      I’m 20 now as well, and I just began smoking marijuana again about a month ago. I gave it another shot primarily because I was relying on narcotics to keep me cool since I’ve been having a really bad year so far. Anyhow, first time I tried it again, I smoked it with my cousin, I got really high. Now don’t get me wrong, I was paranoid as fuck before I took my first hit because I was afraid I’d end up panicking and having a really bad experience like I had beforeheand, but this time it was in fact different, and nothing short of amazing.

      You just basically gotta find the right amount to smoke, and know when to stop. I think it helped a lot for me because I wasn’t alone when I tried it again, and I felt more comfortable with the possible outcome since I came to terms with the idea that weed can’t do anything bad to you.

      I’ve been smoking weed nonstop daily for a month now, and I love it. It actually has the opposite effect that it had on me 6 years ago, in which I was scared to death of it due to the anxiety and panic disorders the experience caused me to have. Now when I get high, I become euphorically relaxed, aware, goofy, hungry, and more comfortable around people, I also sleep a lot better when I get high before I sleep. So yeah if you haven’t already, give it another shot, and allow yourself to enjoy it. Go into it with a positive mood, and after the 3rd or 4th time you choke / cough really good off a hit, go ahead and stop for a while and see how you feel. Also try not to let the effects trip you out, always focus on something good and enjoy the effects as much as you can (that helps me a bit when I cant handle being extra high.)

      • Sucks that you had a bad experience! I too, had my first panic attack, when I was 14, and smoked for the first time. I am 41 years old, now. I smoke daily. I believe pot triggered my first attack, but I also have a family history of anxiety/panic/depression. You might look into that, and see if a close relative has had them also.
        In my experience, panic attacks feed on themselves, as you described. They are more terrifying than facing actual death, in the real world. Once you have felt that fear, you become afraid of fear itself.
        “Oh no, what if I have one of those here? I can’t deal with that. People won’t know what to do, they won’t know how to help me!”
        Yeah, been there. Seen the movie, it sucked. I had these for years, without smoking pot, or drinking. They would hit me sitting in a chair, for no reason.
        Cognitive therapy, from a good counselor, helped me mostly beat them back.
        Please, be VERY careful if the doctors offer you any prescription psych meds.
        You would be better off, with nothing in your system at all. Just use counseling, to work through it, it is truly, in your head.
        If you MUST try a drug. Use cannabis. It should give you the lesser of two evils, as far as quitting, if you don’t like it. If it does work out, great!
        Seriously, though, do the counseling sober as a judge, for maximum effect. You can beat this. You will not die!
        Good luck!

      • Having spent most of my 64 years in the medical sciences and physiology, I would like to pass on something but I am not a doctor and am not suggesting any sort of medical treatment for you in this comment. It’s all for your reading entertainment. Being raised on the mexican border, cannabis was never a problem to acquire in Texas. However, at that time alcohol was my drug of choice as I could take it or leave it. Cannabis had more “entertainment” value and I was always “up” for an adventure. But at 16 I got kicked out of the house and had to find a job and finish school. Then off to college with no one but me picking up the tab. There was never any left over $$ to purchase the mj and there were narcs everywhere, so I didn’t start consuming mj again until I turned 60. But this I can tell you from my research and from personal experience. If you are a person under the age of 22-25 (different people have different physiologies) and are experimenting with ANY type of drug…STOP. Your neuro-physiological growth has most of its growth during two periods and one is post puberty. If you are taking any drug, Cannabis THC included, you are irreparably damaging your neuronal synapses. The process if you continue to smoke or vape or eat, ESPECIALLY if you do it everyday, eventually produces an adult mind that cannot function without your daily high. That is, you are habitually addicted. Not physiologically addicted but mentally addicted. IF, you have a medical condition and a physician will give you a script for cannabis that will positively help you with your condition, then use it under a physician’s care and don’t over indulge. The long term and over use can lead to long term subtle damage in the early years of long time users that habitually use THC as their drug of choice into their senior years. There is a lot the older generation has experienced that those who are just now entering middle school will also experience but SHOULD NOT experience until their minds are fully mature and ready to handle the side effects of THC. Lastly, if you are using cannabis, use a vape device of your choice or eat it in small quantities in a cookie or brownie. Make some cannabutter in a crock pot and your mj will last you 50% longer and you won’t be consuming the dioxins in the paper you roll with. Find a vape with a filter or make your own and you will cut down on the tar you deposit in your lungs. Tar = carcinogenesis. Water bongs do NOT filter out tar. What you see is just the accumulation of oily particulate matter building up. The tar is in the smoke you draw from your bong. A proper vape produces no smoke and little tar, just THC laced vapor, if your cannabis is clean. Here’s to you and healthy consumption of THC.

        • Interesting that you say that. I’ve heard that argument before.
          My drug experiences were during the so-called formative years.
          Before it, I was a strong student but emotionally insecure.
          During it, I discovered my callings in life, and who I was.
          After it, I became a VERY strong student and mature.
          I score HIGHER on tests than I did before: 99th percentile on the GMAT, enough to get into any business school in the world. Before it, I was more like in the 80’s on such tests.

          My neural synapes were NOT destroyed, but retrained.
          do you know why?
          Because I used them properly.
          If you “party” too hard, yes, you are right, you will fry your brain.
          But if you THINK HARD INSTEAD< you will retrain your brain to be even more effective. Problem is, the majority of of young people "party" instead of take a shamanistic approach. Those who take a shamanistic approach become entrepreneurial people like Steve Jobs, or artists like ("insert your favorite artist here"), or professors (a whole lot of the smartest academics in the world were way into drugs in their formative years, trust me)… in other words there is a drug using ELITE that figure out how to get the most positive effect and the least negative from it.
          Unfortunately, most people are too intellectually lazy to see the world this way, and so they oftentimes screw up their lives instead of strike philosophical gold.

    • I got high the first time on Hash when I was 12, my brother gave me a birthday present. I’ve been getting high now for 40 years.

      I’ve had panic attack’s from weed. Just have to wait it out, a Xanax won’t help. I think there’s a possibility you were prone to attack’s, depending on your lifestyle or upbringing.

      Today I’m a successful writer. I’ve never stopped getting high. always have always will. So I suggest giving it another try, take baby hits to get you THC levels to a certain point. No Bong hit’s.
      Good lick, brother.

      • Hi Brett, since you smoke for 40 years I wonder if you could help me with some advice on MJ;
        I use to smoke a lot for recreational, and I stopped about 3 months ago, seems like things are dull and boring, I cant focus and seem to have the wandering mind when I am working.
        So recently I decided to buy this bud from a local dealer, and I believe it’s a sativa strain because of the bud has the leaf and it was only 5 stalks..
        Then I smoked it in a joint. just about a peanut size rolled in a joint, (very thin) so I took about 3-4 puffs, got that buzz feelings and concentration I needed for about 2-3 hours, but I could feel a slight head ache for using that concentration? or because of the weed I still dont know, thats why I am doing this research and came across your post.
        I wonder do you get head aches after the mj effects wears off??
        or any body out there does?
        Thank you in advance for any replies.
        p.s. the concentration I got from this bud is like a reconnection to self.

    • Cannabis shows us what we need to work on as individuals… Or as the spiritual beings that we are. Everything gets enhanced when we use the medicine, but along with it comes help :) that has been my experience, anyway. You could have a had a past life experience that is coming to the surface, for example…. And that was triggering the panic attack. Next time, if you do decide to take some, and if you do, make sure it is a very little dose, and do it with intention. I hope that helps :)

    • just smoke a real small amount first…. with your friend or by yourself….

    • You just need to smoke thru it.

  10. Nice article!
    And what about autoflowers, in my experience autoflowers have a more medical high and a bigger punch to them because of the Higher CBD content.

  11. This site has a lot of resource. I appreciate the pattern of informative writing provided in this site. Well, actualy I live in INDIA and so I get to smoke more sativa rather than indica and actually I personally prefer sativa to indica because it does not make me a lazy stoner…but it makes you lean. Well, that’s not much of a problem. And guys instead of smoking from a joint or a blunt, try to smoke from a bong. By doing so you can inhale more THC and less carcinogen because the water vapour delivers more THC and the harmful elements like tar are residued in the water. Go green.

  12. I have a SEVERE anxiety disorder that causes panic attacks, if I smoke Sativa I can only smoke very little like a pinch hit of reg. Indica however gives me that mellow high, but some reason also gives me the creative energy, and motivation that comes with the Sativa. I think it could be due to my brain chemistry(also have severe depression as well, and yes I have been Diagnosed, and Indica or even Sativa (if it doesn’t induce a panic attack(bad high high heart rate fear of heart attack or dieing…basically a really bad hellish high.) unfortunately medical bud isn’t available in Illinois. . .yet.(There is a bill waiting to be passed.) Also I am prescribed xanax maybe the mix of the xanax, my issues, and the Indica; I get a mix of both types of highs. By the way great website. Though I partially disagree with the addiction aspect, I had been smoking heavily for probably 3 years, then I joined the Army and had to quit so I could pass a piss test. I never had any problems giving it up….It was one of those “*shrugs* no biggie” moments. I only started smoking it again about a year after I was discharged from the Army(honorably) when I my depression and anxiety became worse and I was tired of all the pills. I lite up and I was me again. Also the learning part, during college I missed a week of a Cisco course(computer networking, very difficult, and they crammed 4 semesters of work into 2) dues to a wisdom tooth extraction(I ended up with dry socket) thre was an exam….So I lit up the j I had for after class smoked about half, skimmed over the material missed and aced the exam. Though like I said I partially disagree. My brain chemistry is not the same as other peoples(Hell everyone’s is different) and I may even have undiagnosed Adult ADHD. . .Still awesome site. As with every website I like I have an urge to look through your source code for security vulnerabilities(I am a Computer Network Security Administrator.) …Buuuut I will refrain from doing so. =p. (Oh I work while high and I am awesome at my job. Involves a lot of problem solving….that falls under the learning bit. As I have to learn and adapt to new tech and code to solve various types of problems.)

    • I too suffer from extreme anxiety and major depression. I also suffer from ptsd, maybe you do too from your involvement in the military. Smoking helps me out on a daily basis! I have been smoking for 4 1/2 years now. I started after I lost my son. I live in Indiana where it is still a criminal offense to have possession of any quantity, so I am considering moving to Colorado or Washington state. I lost my nursing license in January after testing positive for thc in my urine, that was after I used the drink, stingerz. It is such bullshit that my smoking lost me my job when I had cases wanting me to come take care of their children through the home staffing agency. Don’t plan on quitting smoking but I can’t wait to try medical grade bud for my mental disorders.

      • Michigan is closer. You will have no trouble getting a medical card with your conditions. And you can name yourself your provider and then grow up to 12 plants of your choosing.
        I suffer from fibromyalgia (15 years), pinched nerves causing tingling in my right arm and face (6 years), chronic fatigue (11 years), insomnia, general anxiety, nausea, and anger issues. Medical Marijuana has been a life saver for me. I like to smoke a sativa during the day for the nausea and a boost in energy. I also think it helps with my ADD/OCD. I use indica to crash at night. Cannot sleep more than an hour, unless sedated in some way. I can use MM for sleeping, and wake up feeling good, vs. Tylenol PM, ambien, etc….none of those helped without side effects. For my pain and sleeping, white widow and AK 47 are my favorites. I started in 2008 with edibles, then started smoking a year ago, as the pain was getting worse, and I couldn’t wait the three hours it took the edibles to start working.

    • I have been diagnosed with adhd since I was 5 years old. In regards to indica verses sativa the effects are different to me as well. I get hyper though from indica, can focus better, and am more creative. With sativa, I get sleepy. There should be a study on this. Well it would be nice if there were but not sure who would fund it lol.

  13. I think I smoke more indica than sativa. I live on the east coast so maybe that has something to do with it? The only sativa I’ve smoked is jack herer and I liked it more than any other bud my dealer had, so I’m a sativa person, but I smoke what I can get, apart from that gross reg shit. ><
    I like this website! Thanks for your input on things,I didn't know vapes hit 80% of THC. I just don't like its taste, I suppose.
    Stay lifted!

    • JH was my first sativa I ever used and is the strain that got me really interested in sativas.. it was also the first strain I tried to grow (failed miserably).. I’ll give it another shot one of these days!

      Really appreciate the positive feedback as well πŸ˜€

      • I would really recommend growing a sativa. if you want that big tall bountiful plant that u see in movies and in photos this is it. I have a huge mother and several clones from her. she is sure to produce many more clones too. plus it is worth the wait just need a lil patience :)

    • The simple answer as I’m sure THC Gimp will tell you: growing your own weed is easy (with a little research and knowledge) cheaper in the long run .. and means you get to choose what you smoke!

      10 reasons why you should grow your own weed i

  14. Like somebody mentioned already… all these indica vs sativa discussions are mostly moot. The vast majority of strains are recognized as hybrids… and even for those that are supposedly pure sativa/indicas who’s to say that they actually are, and then on top of that up until very recently nobody actually tried to keep track of the various strains. So you start out with a half-mythical haze and cross it with another half-mythical kush and you end with a unicorn… and that’s really as far as you can go factually, any “facts” beyond that are wishful thinking.

    And as much as I hate to say this, all the medical dispensaries and business based around legal herb are making this problem far worse. But it’s understandable from their(money grubbing) perspective, but on the user side things would be much better off if there were only the three categories that could likely be established as fact, indica/sativa/hybrid. All these(hundreds) of named strains are unicorns… look at comments for any one and you’ll see people reporting conflicting information… this clearly illustrates how inefficient the system is. Bud is just that… bud. No matter what label some account decides to stick on it in order to sell it at a prime.

  15. I have grown up around MJ my whole life (born and raised in Cali) and now grow myself. I have always known Sativa to have long skinny leaves and the plants get very tall. Indica on the other hand, have shorter leaves and the plants are squatter and the buds are generally bigger. I have read post that Durban Poison is a Sativa?? This is not true in all my years of growing this plant its a true 100% Indica. The plant grows smaller in size and has smaller leaves as compared to Sativas. The common OG is a cross variety (sativa/indica) and has smaller leaves but the plant itself will get tall. I specialize in Blueberry Kush and Durban. Blueberry has long straight leaves and the plant gets very tall (last year mine was about 9ft) the high of Blueberry is that I can still smoke and be productive and compared to the Durban I grow that is a night time only bud because it is very incapacitating. I have grown indoor and outdoor for many years now. Am I just crazy or is half the shit I read online bull? SATIVA gives you a high you can still do daily tasks, INDICA will put you in a ” couch lock” mode. Does anyone agree or am I just misinformed and not as observant!

    • Where’d you see Durban poison is a sativa? Everything you said seems to indicate it is an indica like you said, I’m not familiar myself so I can’t really say.

      In any case, an indica can have sativa-like effects and vice versa depending on when you choose to harvest as well.

    • Jasmine, I was feeling bad about my years of smoking……you hit the nail on the head…..I’m to old to get any more technical than….good stuff! I like Sativa day…..indic a at n

  16. I have searched everywhere for the answer to one question. Knowing that the THC count in Indica is lower than Sativa strains, would I be able to pass a Urine Screening smoking the Indica instead of the Sativa?

    • Well, I don’t know how urine tests are done, but I was able to pass a screening 48 hours after use by drinking a lot of water before my appointment. I would recommend waiting longer though, just in case.

    • Thc is absorbed into fat cells. The faster you burn fat the lower the thc levels will be. Just pee as much as possible and keep bladder full of any liquid before p test and you will be fine…

    • Dissolve some unflavored gelatin into water and drink a bunch of that. Dealer I lived next door to gave me that tip. I’m sure it was based on some hazy science at best, but I passed a test after 2 days and 3 gallons of it, so take that for what it’s worth.

      • i can guarantee you can pass a urine test….
        here’s how. …Drink 1 gallon of water 2 hrs before test. urinate at least 6-10 times before your test. ..
        By the time you have take your test, your urine should be CLEAR like water.
        It has never failed to work for me!

    • Use artificial urine in something small then either tuck it under your breast or your nut sac. I’ve failed two now from taking the drinks. Don’t risk it! Good luck!

  17. I haven’t smoked marijuana for many years, since I was younger and did it for recreation.

    Recently I took a single hit when it was offered to me, and it resulted in hours of discomfort and anxiety for me. This is partly due to the fact that I was uncomfortable with feeling like I couldn’t keep track of my own thoughts, but may also be due to the fact that I have an anxiety disorder.

    The strain was unknown to me, but I’m guessing that it was a sativa. It is also my assumption that the THC content in modern strains is higher than it was a decade or so ago…

    I’m afraid that the “energy” people report when using sativa is just turning into nervousness/anxiety/paranoia for me, and figure that indica is a better choice for me overall if what I am after is relaxation/pain relief without these “symptoms”.

    If anyone has any experience or thoughts on this, I would appreciate it. I used to enjoy it, and I really think it could help me now if I can find a strain that does “what it used to” for me again.

    • I had a very similar experience. I drove a truck for 20 years so I did not touch pot at all during that time and when I tried it to help reduce the amount of pain meds I’m taking now, at first I had the same reaction.
      Yes, the indica is much better at relaxing and relieving stress and yes, the strength now is way more than it used to be. What worked for me was to use the indica strains (my favorite bud is the Blue Cheese) and go very easy for a while. Also, at first because I have some breathing issues and don’t have a vaporizer, I go with edibles. Just be sure you start off with less than a full dose. My first edible was a chocolate chip cookie. I ate the whole thing all at once. I would suggest you start with about a third of one the first time and remember that it takes about an hour to achieve full effect. The effects are much longer lasting than smoking it and are a bit less intense.
      Just relax and don’t expect a ground shaking instant miracle. Ease into it and enjoy it.

  18. Hey, I was looking over your post on vaporizing and think you may have the wrong idea. When you are smoking rather than vaporizing, I don’t believe you are actually ‘wasting’ THC, you are just getting all of the other stuff in with the hit. You said 90% THC for vapes and 20% for smoking. I want to point out that the smoke is much more dense, so even though you are only getting 20% THC per volume of hit, you are still most likely getting the same amount of THC per hit. I love vaping, don’t get me wrong, I just believe it’s more of a health concern than a THC-intake concern

    • I see what you’re saying; it’s a good point, you might be right. The question would be then, does combustion cause THC deterioration? If so, then vaporizers would likely maintain an edge, but if not, then it would become mostly a health concern as you said rather than an efficiency one. I’ll have to look more into it, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    • You’re stupid and probably ugly


    • I’m not aware of any. I think you’ll have a hard time finding one for that because all weed is going to activate the cannabinoid system and as far as I know, that always leads to increased appetite.


    • Eat Before you smoke. If your full then smoke… no munchies, your already full. =D

  20. I gave up all of my ADHD drugs for Sativa and have never looked back. I highly recommend it (no pun intended).

  21. I think I am a sativa man at the end of the day.

  22. Which strain would you suggest is easier to grow in the tropics, as far as say Jamaica or Trinidad, sativa or indica?

    • One of my lifelong friends comes from Trinidad, never been but would like to go someday. πŸ˜€

      I would say though that indica is always going to be the easier strain to grow regardless of where you are because it grows smaller and has a shorter flower time.

    • I think sativas grow well in jamaica/tropics being that the original haze comes from there ( those 10ft-20ft monsters!) where to as indicas do well in the northern hemisphere although Im sure with some time and research you could master growing either or!

  23. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis along with other joint pain and more autoimmune disorders. I just got my card and am asking for advice on what weed better serves any of the conditions I have. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Granny.

    • I’m not a doctor, but I would say from personal experience and others as well that indicas would be better to treat pain relief and the physical symptoms you are likely trying to relieve. Sativas would be probably be better for things like anxiety, depression… mental health related issues.

      • Sativa for anxiety?? I have to respectfully disagree.

        Perhaps I am an exception, but for me, sativa = anxiety attack (are the cops going to smell something and come and arrest me? is my heart going to explode? etc etc), whereas indica = “wow… this music/movie is soooo good… I just want to lay down and listen/watch for the next 2 hours”

        • Yeah sativa is an anxiety inducer for me too, but I know many people who it has the exact opposite effect. Everyone is different, which is why these should only be used as general guidelines and not stone-clad rules.

    • Granny, I also have life altering conditions and am trying out medicinal to help with muscle spasms, nerve and tendon inflamation radiating from a twisted/tilted vertebrae and more. I am looking for pain relief and some of the other benefits possible with the medicinal version. I look at risks of surgery and hope there is a way to avoid it.

      Do you have a dispensary person who knows what relief/benefits you seek and has suggestions and recommendations for you?

  24. After reading through much of what’s on this site I realize the differences in the things I’ve smoked. Over the weekend I smoked a few bowls and one hitters with some friends and I didn’t know what it was but I now know it was Indica because as soon as it hit me I got very very tired and almost went to sleep under a bridge! Haha. We were outside because where I’m from things sadly aren’t legal as they obviously should be. I do know that I like Indica because it makes me want to sleep and I haven’t been diagnosed with insomnia but I think I have it to a point. However I would love to try Sativa because I love art and want to be a graphics designer and I think it could help :)

  25. I started smoking only 3 weeks ago, and I think it’s amazing. I LOVE Sativa, I’ve suffered through depression my whole life and it helps me zone out.
    I have a problem though. I’m a social smoker, just like my best friend. He started about the same time because I was honest and told him I wanted to try it. We only buy the best kush, or “High-grade” or whatever you wanna call it. The problem is that we’ll get people together and smoke ~3 bowls worth between 3-4 people. I’m a lightweight, skinny white nerd kid, and shit gets me so high that when I wake up I still feel it, and I’m high all throughout school. Every time I smoke I have a different strain and I honestly haven’t found much of a favorite besides one called “Deadhead” which was a very potent head-high. I was wanting to ask you veterans where the HELL I could find a certain strain (in Missouri or generally Midwest) for Sativa and what that strain would be.
    Apologies if this doesn’t make any sense, and thanks for any and all help.

    • Marijuana really helped me deal with a lot of issues with my anxiety/panic attacks and I know many people who find great relief from the effects of THC and CBD. That being said, with your improved mood, you should definitely take the time to figure out and work through the root causes of your depression because using marijuana only to forego the depression will mean marijuana will only be a crutch to you and inspire dependence on it rather than a life where you can use it or not and still be able to deal with your depression.

      This is just my advice from personal experience. You can ignore what I say completely obviously, it’s your life!

      Good luck in your journey to find that good ish πŸ˜€

    • Anonymous, you say you love SATIVA, but you buy “kush”, which according to one of the seven points above, is INDICA. I have a hard time trying to figure out which types or strains are best “pain aid” and “happy but not jittery”. It is a very contradictory subject, even with what to call the herb/plant itself and what is ingested. From what I have been able to tell in my very small bit of experience over many years, the difference between medical grade marijuana and street marijuana is night and day.

      I find the opinions, statements, facts and rumor in the remarks is fascinating. I am either learning a lot or getting a lot of chaff with the wheat. Hope to get some education here.

      • The effects that I laid out above for indica and sativa are to be used as rules of thumb rather than factual doctrine. It is indeed highly controversial, but that’s because each strain is different and each person is different, giving way to a wide range of varying effects.

        I always encourage people to just be mindful of what they’re using and discover if they can find any patterns that are useful to them. For example, if someone suffering from Fibromyalgia was in great pain and discovered that indicas were helpful for pain relief while sativas were less effective, that would be extremely useful information for them and allow them to make intellgent choices for their medical cannabis.

      • most are hybrids anyway. OG kush, for instance, is sativa dominant even though most kush is indica dominant.

    • I wanted to comment on first time smoking and getting too high. I’ve seen it happen. It’s probably the only negative side effect I’ve ever experienced after smoking for 37 years. This is my story. The first time I ever smoked I “hallucinated” (that’s probably the best word) that I was walking like a drunk. The hallways at my dorm were very wide; probably in excess of 15 feet, and I felt like I was walking side to side barely missing a wall before careening toward the other. I was with the fellow that I had smoked it with, and asked him if I was swerving and he assured me that I was walking a perfectly straight line. That was on a Sunday or Monday and I had bowling as a class. On Thursday I could still not see the pins at the other end of the lane. Second story. I was smoking one of the two best strains I have ever smoked in my life time. It was truly one hitter. I had a younger cousin (late teens) that had smoked before but I’m guessing not very much. He came over while we were smoking and wanted a hit from the bong. I cautioned it was one hit pot but soon we forgot and he had several. It effected him tremendously. First, he could barely walk. Then throwing up. We went outside and walked a mile or two. He came back home and slept for about three hours until we had pushed the absolute limits of getting him home. I woke him and he threw up some more. Took him home and if he passed any sort of inspection I’ll never know how.
      I’ve never had an incident like that again, and have wondered about it often. I wonder if my pot was spiked or if first time can be that strong? I had hardly even ever had a drink; so was it me? I certainly wouldn’t recommend driving under those circumstances, but I can honestly say that I’ve driven a million miles high and smoking in the car. I don’t care what anyone says I drive better. I don’t drive drowsy, that would be a no no. I’ve been in two fender benders in my life and both times I hadn’t smoked in months. I simply drove faster and more carelessly than I do when I smoke. I’ll bet a lot of people will say the same thing, and I really don’t want it to be said any more without refute. I will drive beside a cop for a hundred miles high as I can get and he’ll never bat an eye. Period.
      As far as a solution to your problem of getting too high. One solution might be don’t buy the highest grade. Another possibility is that it just will stop having that strong an effect on you. I’ve never experienced anything like it since that one time. Been chasing that high ever since. Everything said on this site is true about the medicinal qualities. I’m sure that I was drawn to it as self medication now that I look back. I’m very conservative. A Dr has a hard time prescribing me pills. I’m an absolute insomniac and had to quit smoking some months before going to divorce court. Dr prescribed me a run of the mill sleeping pill, and when that didn’t work he prescribed Ambien. I slept a little better but it made me aggressive. It’s one of the stated side effects. Don’t believe I’m very aggressive when I smoke. This couch potato myth crap is just that. Partly people stay in because it’s the safest place not to be arrested. I’m very productive. I own two companies and work more hours per day than most. You can do anything you want to do on pot. You can relax, you can be energetic, you can be disciplined, you can be a good father and husband, you don’t have to get the munchies. Train yourself, I did. I vanquished the vending machines in the early days. Not any more. Analgesic- absolutely! Anyone says different is wrong and has no idea what they are talking about. I don’t drink at least not much. The effects on me are intolerable. It makes me and almost everyone more aggressive. I lose my motor skills. I would no more drink and drive than the man in the moon. I’m stupid as are most drunks. I’ll ask you your name 3 times in ten minutes. Drunks have no sense. Judgement is for crap. I don’t like to be around them unless it’s a woman at 11:00 and then I’m counting on her bad judgement. Our freedoms are severely harmed by the marijuana laws and I am outraged. One last medicinal story. Upon that visit to the Dr for insomnia my blood pressure registered higher than it ever had. It was 139 over something. 139 is borderline high blood pressure. It caught my attention because my pressure had always been low in spite of being a chronic smoker of cigs and pot. In fact, I had always felt that pot was what kept my blood pressure in good order. This is what I did. I began a scientific blood pressure experiment. I purchased a blood pressure machine from a local pharmacy and began charting my blood pressure 3 times a day for months. I couldn’t make a dent. The best times were shortly after I woke up and didn’t have a bite or drink of anything. About my best recorded score was 128. If I had one cup of coffee it would immediately go up 10 points. That’s how it was for months. Court finished and I resumed smoking and my scores immediately fell to where they have always been. It’s five years later. I’m 55 years old, smoke two packs of cigs day and an ounce every two weeks. My pressure is about 118. Lower than my athletic children. Finally, I also have a suspicion that pot prohibits lung cancer. I was wondering at the age of 20, when I was chronically hitting the bong and smoking two packs a day of Camel non filters when/if I would diagnosed with lung cancer. Feel like I should have been but absolutely nothing like that has ever occurred. I’m as chronic a smoker as you will find. I have had a few benign cyst show up on my scalp. No Dr has ever said but my guess is that pot attributed to that. That’s my take.

      • Just like u said, pot NO DOUBT lowers my blood pressure. My dr has me on 2 bp pills, with not much affect. My bp almost immedietly drops 15 to 20 points after smoking. My bp has climbed to your top number for my bottom number, no problems with weed.
        What im wondering bout is has anyone noticed effects on blood sugar?

  26. Sorry guys, excuse me, but…Marijuana, why do you use that name? Why not Cannabis? Whether or not you knew, Marijuana was a plant in mexico that was similar to tobacco, but got you a small buzz, and they called it wacky tobaccy and all that, but…In the 50’s they used the term Marijuana to confuse people into being ok with making cannabis illegal. Notice it’s called all kinds of nicknames back in the propaganda days? Reefer MADNESS! Marijuana is not Cannabis, I thought you’d want to know this. It’s kind of a setback to the movement when you say it. But I really appreciate what you guys are doing on here though. People in the ghetto I used to live in only knew two kinds of weed. Hydro and Kush >.< Nothing about Indica or Sativa or even just strain names like AK-47 and Trainwreck. Sometimes you heard Purple Haze but it NEVER was what they said it was. I like the site, keep it up. Just try to keep that in mind,

    • I actually prefer to use weed because it’s the shortest, but it’s just semantics. The point of communication is to relay a message and if someone says marijuana, that gives people immediate recognition. Cannabis is true as well. The source of the term marijuana into common language is irrelevant in my eyes as long as the people I’m communicating to understand what I mean when I say marijuana.

      I don’t think there are many people that visit this site and don’t know that cannabis is marijuana. I’d even argue that in America, marijuana is a more recognizable term than cannabis, so using it may actually diminish the message you want to convey.

    • After some research it seems there is no clear etymology on the Mexican-Spanish word marijuana as a term for cannabis. So I’m a little unclear on how you came to this conclusion. There are a wide range of possibilities on to how the term came about, but all the contemporary research on this is still unclear. It could be a term that was a loan word from indigenous sources, if it was around in pre-Columbian times, or it could be from Chinese immigrants in the area brought in after the Spanish colonized, a possible connection is from the Chinese ma ren hua, meaning hemp seed flower. It could also have been a term coming from the moorish influence in Spain which the conquistadors brought with them, there are also possible linguistic links to western African slaves brought to central and South America.

      It’s truly unclear where it originated from, but as far as I can tell your assertion seems to have little basis. I also thing you are referring to the plant nicotiana rustica, which is a potent species of South American tobacco. But the most common term for this plant is mapacho which has little in common with marijuana.


        SMOKE ON THAT, marijuana is more commonly used πŸ˜‰

        • Marijuana/MaryJane is no doubt the more popular term. In fact I am surprised to see Cannabis rating even as close as it does (approximately 1/10th as popular) To be fair I came here on an engine search of Indica vs Sativa as I wanted to make sure I still had it straight (I have not grown weed in 20 years). I did.

          I also want to point out that I prefer the Sativa myself, it was very difficult to find on the East coast back when I smoked, I have only come across it a couple of times, and the only time I smoked REALLY good Sativa, I zoned out and had an awesome little trippy adventure.

          I was not a weed snob, and being a closet cultivator I knew enough to know that most people had no clue what they were talking about and would spend a ton of money on decent weed if someone told them it was “ABC strain.” I would like to thank Ed Rosenthal for making me the happy farmer I was way back when :)

  27. As a “walking quad”, a man who was a vent dependent quadriplegic for a couple of years, I am so happy to have found this informative site. I prefer Sativa, as it helps take my mind off the pain in the spine, keeps my happy level up and helps me do my job as an engineer.

    I am frustrated that the Mid West is so slow in seeing the need for medical marijuana. I can get a morphine pump attached anytime I would like, but I can’t smoke a simple joint in order to relieve pain, provide help sleeping and to assist in getting rid of spasms. Help us…campaign for the removal of pothibation.

    While I know this may have not been the perfect forum for this, I did want to chime in.

    • Hautedawg-

      I truly appreciate you sharing your perspective because it is honest and real. One of my goal’s with this site is to really help people and help promote marijuana awareness. When responses like this are made, I’m sure it’s not only helpful to others who share your feelings, but it also motivates me to continue improving THC Digest because I see that it can make an impact on people, which is what I want.

      For that, I thank you.

    • hautedawg-

      In a way, I feel your pain. Though, with all due respect, I am so glad I don’t actually feel your pain. I moved away from Indiana for many reasons, not the least of which was to escape the persecution of stoners like myself, and the majority of my friends… who are in jail for posession of usually 2 – 14 grams ( a bloody misdemeanor). I agree that it is ridiculous that you or I can get some seriously screwed up narcotics at the drop of a hat. I’ve had morphine and dillaudid pumps for pain, as well as some other really weird ones. My favorite narcotic (because I can’t always find bud/ money for bud) actually has some of the worst side effects I have ever experienced. On countless occasions with the narcotics I have been taking for over 2 years now, (I am 20 years old btw) I have hallucinated some pretty vivid apparitions and tracers, and heard voices mumbling gibberish (and sometimes unspeakable horrors of the english language *cold chills*) right in my ear in a house devoid of another living soul. ( I KNOW I WAS ALONE DAMMIT!) This readily available narcotic has made me puke violently only minutes after ingestion, full or empty stomach the same. (I think my body is trying to say something) I have woken up with a splitting headache due to the narcotics, they make my mood EXTREMELY sensitive. I have flat out snapped on my loved ones over trivial shit, and gone on rage filled rampages in public because it just feels so damn good with these narcotics. Then I come down and I can barely stand to look at myself, causing a fair amount of stress/anxiety/depression. The scariest part of all is that despite all of these terrible things, I feel as if I need it sometimes. I like it, and it scares me. I ruined a perfect relationship mostly due to my own imperfections, some of which were highlighted by this narcotic.

      And then there is Cannabis Indica, which I would recommend to you hautedawg. (although I understand you’re mainly limited to Mexican brick) I would take purple weed over green weed all day every day. Sativa really just doesn’t get me high. When I smoke Indica I feel tired, I have never in my entire life been able to fall asleep in under 1.5 hours under normal conditions. When I smoke, i get the munchies which for me isn’t necessarily a good thing except that I’m lazy so I take out Kottonmouth and the munchies with fruit that I would otherwise not eat. Indica stops the muscle spasms and the sciatica that are a result of my bruised nerve. I never think about my extremely depressing condition: drop foot nor do i feel the physical or mental (also including depression and anxiety) effects of my chronic joint pain. I moved to Seattle recently, where i got my green card. the weather is better for my (soon to finally show up in an x-ray so I can be diagnosed) arthritis or “chronic pain,” and I don’t really have to worry if I’ll still be a free man tomorrow. I have never even come close to hallucinating from any weed, and believe me I try my hardest to produce this result every 4/20. example: last year i personally smoked 2 ounces of high grade Indiana weed ( yes it is possible to get chronic in Indiana). still no hallucinations, no voices, no rage filled rampages, no snapping on anything except the fridge for not cooking my food like I asked it too. no vomiting, relief from post traumatic stress and all the aforementioned ill effects associated with my dropfoot, sciatica, chronic pain, self diagnosed arthritis.

      So I was once a healthy, active, normal(ish) teenager. Then one day I decided not to wear my seatbelt in the passenger’s seat. Long story short i broke my acetabulum, (hip socket) and bruised my sciatic nerve. My entire leg was numb for quite some time. 27 months later my foot is still mostly numb, I still don’t have any dorsal flexion in my foot so I cant even begin to reverse the atrophy, I can’t walk right, and I can’t run. Its extremely depressing and as if you couldn’t tell, the narcotics make it worse. Weed is my only escape from this hell. ( I won’t even get into how hard it is to find a job I can do, while sober, without crying at some point due to the pain.)

      Well my rant is over, hautedawg… If you get the chance, MOVE! Life is much better on the west coast for people like us.

  28. New users,non users, tend to over think “high”. I mean come on, even as strong as today’s weed is, it’s not acid. And it is especially not as strong as alcohol. Because it is a phyco active substance, it can cause some people to ‘talk them selves into a Good trip,or bad trip. The experienced user can direct themselves toward fantastic revalations. Weed won’t show you anymore than whats all ready there.
    Drinkers learn quikly to “ignore” undesireable effects to the point where they can get to black out state. And that drug is totally accepted !!!

    • I think most of the stigma towards marijuana is rooted in its illegal status. Here’s why.

      You actually give a perfect example of the double standard between alcohol and weed. A real measure of a substance’s worth should be its effects on society. Any person who does even the smallest amount of research or has a shred of common sense would see how hypocritical it is to demonize marijuana, a substance that does almost no harm to society (I’d even argue it has a positive effect), yet celebrate or accept a substance that causes numerous fatalities, violent crimes, and broken households.

      While there is no doubt negligence when it comes to marijuana use (for example, I think it’s negligent to drive while high), there is clear evidence to show that alcohol abuse is much more of a danger to society than marijuana abuse. Yet many people persist in their way of thinking that marijuana is something to be feared and loathed, so the real question becomes what makes them so different?

      The only difference I cans see is that alcohol is legal, so it’s acceptable, whereas weed is not legal, so its a bane to society. Unfortunately, many people care more about what the law states rather than its merits as a way of improving society.

  29. Words cant even start to describe how much i love smoking weed. Bongs have replaced cigarettes for me. Only thing is now im smoking weed just to get “regular” Hash is what actually gets me high. I play Bass Guitar and when im working, getting baked is essential. i just want to know what kind of weed will make the best hash.


  30. What is your opinion on green dragon. I cant smoke, but never tried a vaporizer. Am I getting a good dose of THC by tincturing? Please give me your opinion. Thanks.

    • Sorry, I’m unfamiliar with the subject you’re talking about. I’ve only ever smoked, vaped, and eaten marijuana to get my doses of THC. I can’t speak to the efficacy of tincturing at all.

    • Hi, I’ve tried Green Dragon elixirs and they are a very potent way to administer THC without having to smoke. Another thing I like about this particular brand of drinkable thc is that there is no preservatives or sugar added. Just trace minerals and anti-oxident juices. But beware, you need to know what your dosage level is and what your tolerance is in terms of mg to thc is. I would start with drinking about 25 mg and seeing how it does for you. And it taste pretty good!

  31. Hi Gimp, thanks for all your information. I’m still reading thru it. for now, I would like your opinion on seed selection for growing indoors. You suggest bubbleicious. I am a lightweight with weed. It doesn’t take much for me. I have had some enjoyable and relaxing highs, and I have had a few panic stricken unenjoyable highs. From what I have read, it seems like a indica dominant strain is for me. I seem to enjoy the “cheaper” weed. Anyway, what seeds would produce a low to moderate high? Buubleicious? Im looking for a nice “6 beer” buzz? In fact, Im trying to stop drinking. Some of the stuff these kids have today is insane and they call it good weed! I had two hits of some of that stuff and I was stoned for 2 days. Way too strong. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions.

    • I suggest Bubblelicious to people starting out for 2 reasons:

      1) It’s the cheapest feminized seed that Buy Dutch Seeds has.
      2) It’s an indica and they are much easier to manage and find success especially for a first time grower.

      I also think an indica is probably what you want, at least for the kind of effects that you describe. For me, an indica high much more resembles the “6 beer buzz” than a sativa ever would. Sounds like you just want to wind down and relax, so indica should be right up your alley.

      If you plan on going for it and starting your own grow, you might want to sign up for my free guide for quick reference.


    • ‘Scuse me, wood bat, but I just had to cut into your conversation to thank you for the reassurance that I am not alone in learning the wonderment of the weed “kids” can get a hold of these days! LOL I just had a “kid” stop by with the option to choose between the two, and I ended up getting a little of both… That’s how I came to this site… You see, I’m a 51 year old female who might have spent a good size portion of my teen/ early adult “stoned…” You had a choice between Mexican Dirt Wedd, Sensemilla, and if you were lucky, Thai Sticks or Skunk. That was years ago. And, while I’ve never quit smoking, daily life has a way of interfering in phases of life, and smoking would become a special occasion thing, if not obsolete for many months… Well, here I am now, at an age where the bones get a little sore and my mind tends to wander. Or, those days where I realize that all that tequila I drank to take the edge off, probably wasn’t good for my body. Lo and behold, along comes some “kid” with probably the most effective stuff I’ve found for exactly what ails me! But, like you, I was hoping for that 6 pac buzz…not a 3 hour trip between, “Oh, my, I’m afraid to move or go anywhere,” and ” Hey, I’m gonna crank the tunes and go trip in the flower garden for awhile!” LOL (I believe my first experience with whateverthefucktheycalledit, was had at the Coachella Music Festival with 100,000 people+, and this kind and gentle soul passed a joint, along with a smile and good wish to enjoy. My guy and I thanked him for the kind offering, and he went on his way. He probably only took a hit or two before gifting us, and we continued to hit it another time or two… I probably don’t have to tell you about the buzz you get from coughing after overindulging your lungs in whateverthefucktheycalledit, but I’d bet we could swap tales about the experience! LOL I thank you for bringing a smile, and a special thanks to GIMP for his knowledge and guidance. Who knew that “getting really stoned,” would end up being the cure for the effects of those crazy years before? Kudos to a great informative site!

      • This is better than anything I’ve written on this page.

      • To Brokendoll and Woodbat

        I am a “kid” who is open with his family about takin’ some, or many, puffs of that good stuff, and they have said the same things. They had their experiences, and told me about all the times they’ve had with marijuana. One special occasion at a family get-together turned party, one uncle mentioned how great it would be if we could top off the great drinks and even better family with some marijuana and, as everyone else agreed they would love some, I spoke up. It was the first time I had smoked with anybody in my family, so I brought out my jar and rolled some joints, packed some bowls and gave everybody their fair share, and their response.. “DAMN, I’ve never been so high.”

        The weed we smoked was Durban Poison, which is a good sativa strain, so everybody was feeling an “up” high which I prefer, as opposed to the stoned/”couch lock” high. I think weed has developed over the years just like everything else.

        Not only that, many more people stay smoking constantly throughout their whole life. Because of this, when someone is 30 and have smoked almost every day of their life, they become more “immune” to the high and therefore need something stronger and that’s when people experiment and find more and better strains. The when they hand that strength of marijuana to someone who smokes on occasion like you said, the weed will effect that person a lot more than the person who is “used to it”.


  32. very informative that you! i was diagnosed with ADHD as a young kid, i find smoking pot helps calm me down if i don’t take my meds but it doesn’t really help me with concentrating and focusing

    • JR-

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Have you ever tried to see if there is a difference in the way your ADHD reacts to both indica and sativa? Do you react in the same way for both?

      That being said, marijuana highs are definitely an individual experience and all of this information above is based on tendencies and not hard-line rules about how people will react.


      • For ADHD, I noticed that Indica has helped slow my brain down enough for me to relax. I have a high metabolism and a lot of energy and a lot of anxiety and my thoughts don’t like to stop. I noticed that Sativas made me more anxious and hyper but, I am still in my search to find what is right for me.

  33. Thanks man! That makes so much sense. I smoke for anxiety, and I can completely understand now why Indica helps me and why Sativa makes me feel like I ingested poison. So helpful =]

    • Yeah, it was a while before I understood there was even 2 different kinds and really how different they are. My anxiety reactions are actually what turned me onto doing more research.

      Sounds like you’ll be staying away from sativa then eh? πŸ˜›

      • Yes indeed I will not be smoking Sativa any longer. I have an overactive imagination as is, and my thoughts race & I think deeply always, so Sativa being more geared toward the mind kills me especially since what I need is my body to cooperate with my mind and my desires. It makes perfect sense. =]

        • I too have anxiety problems and before I found out their were two different types of weed, I sometimes would smoke weed that sent me straight into a horrible panic attack. I’m glad I know to look for indica now and not sativa.

  34. i’m getting stuff that is 50% indica and 50% sativa so what would the effects of that be?

    • Sam-

      Everyone will vary, but at 50% you should experience a little bit of each world. For instance, you might get the uplifting feeling Sativas provide but not at a million ideas a minute that a pure Sativa would. Or you might experience a mild feeling of body numbness but not the deadening effect of a pure Indica.

      These are just guidelines though. The way to ensure you get the best highs is to become familiar with the indica/sativa ratio that gives you the effects you like the most. πŸ˜€


  35. very helpful!

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