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Growing Questions

  • Is it better to trim the top fan leaves during flowering to help give light to the underneath buds or is it better to leave them alone?

This is actually a technique that I have never tried, but I plan on trying it next time with one of my plants to see what the results are. I’ve done some research before on this topic, but I don’t think there’s a very conclusive answer on what’s right and wrong, which is exactly why I want to try it out myself and see what happens. That being said, the reason I’ve never done it before is because in the little research I have done, the general consensus seems to be not to do it.

If you think about it from the perspective of the marijuana plants though, I would say it might be theoretically possible to improve the yield of your grow if you use this technique intelligently, but it mostly depends on what the most efficient way to deliver energy to your plant is.

If fan leaves are the absolute most efficient way that weed gets its energy, then I would say that you should never cut the top fan leaves off. However, if the buds themselves can absorb energy more efficiently themselves rather than relying on the fan leaves for energy, then this might be a good technique.

Keep in mind though the amount of available light energy is highly dependent on the distance from the light source. That means when you cut top fan leaves off, you’re immediately dropping your potential for light energy to be absorbed as the light will have to travel further to reach your plant.

If the improved efficiency of direct light on the buds outweighs the energy lost from the increased distance, you should be able to achieve a  gain in overall yield.

Weekly Grow Update

The most significant event in my plants growth this week is that my stalks are becoming too weak to support the buds! They have begun falling over, so I’m doing the best I can to have each of the plants lean on each other to support themselves.

Weed Plants Falling Over

The first reason for this is that my buds are too big as compared to the height of my plants. If my plants were shorter, they’d be sturdier and have an easier time staying upright. Likewise, if my buds were smaller then they wouldn’t be so top heavy and gravity wouldn’t be such a big factor. Of course, this is a problem I don’t mind. 😀

The second factor is that I’ve been skimping on my the nutrients I’ve been giving my plant because I wanted to try to understand a little more about them than just “feed this nutrient at this time”. I think my plants grew too tall as a result of this thinking, and if I had cut out nitrogen earlier than I did, I don’t think they’d be as tall as they are now.

Next Week’s THC Update

At the end of next week, I’m going to be doing my harvest which means I need to start my flush at the beginning of next week as well. I will go into detail how I do a flush on my plants and what the reason for flushing is.

Have More Questions about How to Grow Weed Yourself?

If you have a question about my grow or general weed growing techniques, post them below. I will answer any and all questions related to growing or even just marijuana in general, and if I really like your question I will go into additional detail in a future post.

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