Because I have been disabled all my life, I often have a difficult time getting out and about regularly. This is detrimental to my health for numerous reasons, but one of the worst problems is the fact that I get so little cardiovascular exercise, which in turn means that my lungs are not as strong as they could be.

When I first started smoking marijuana, one of my major concerns had to do with the effect that weed smoke had on my lungs. Unfortunately, this was long before I ever thought to look on the Internet for a smarter way to get my THC dosage. Luckily for me, my girlfriend is smarter than I am and she brought me home a vaporizer after attending Hempfest one year.

When I tried it for the first time, I took the deepest breath I could possibly take, but it didn’t seem like it was working because I was just breathing in normal air. I tried again and again, and I just wasn’t getting anything. I was disappointed as I slunk into the couch. But moments later I began to feel it, and it kept coming and coming. It was a moment to remember, receiving the effects of weed without a single cough or irritated airway.

Now that I have used vaporizers exclusively for years, I thought I would share with readers my 3 favorite differences from when I was smoking my marijuana the old-fashioned way.

Saving Money

Because vaporizing doesn’t burn marijuana and offers a more efficient method of delivering THC into the lungs, you can use the same bowl of cannabis 2 or 3 times depending on size and vaporizer. This means that you will end up paying half of what you currently pay (or less) for marijauana now, and a high-end vaporizer pays for itself in a few months simply because of efficiency.

No Coughing

I touched on this above, but I can’t stress enough how easy it is to get used to not having to cough incessantly just to get a good dose of medicine. When I was smoking, I was particularly sensitive and many times would end up with tears streaming down my face. I definitely don’t miss those experiences.

Got Vape Info

No Damage to Lungs

I heard before that you should save the best and most important points for last. For me, this is the most necessary benefit because good health is hard to put a real value on. Though I suspected my coughing meant that my lungs weren’t happy about me doing it, I didn’t realize the extent of the damage I was doing until I did the research for this site. It shouldn’t be neglected and tossed to the side especially for those like me who have fragile lungs as it is.

Keep the Future in Mind

If you are at all inclined to think rationally for the long-term, I highly suggest investing in a vaporizer. Economically speaking, it pays for itself and from a perspective of good health, it’s a logical choice. You could always get your own in the future, but as Ben Franklin profoundly stated, “You may delay, but time will not.” Would you rather save money and preserve your health now?

If so, check out our page that explains all you need to know about how you can start to vaporize weed and makes some recommendations as well if you are a noobie and not sure where to start.


When I first started The Effects of Weed Network, I really wasn’t sure what I would find in my journey to create a robust and informative site. After all, I’m not a marijuana scientist, I’m just a typical guy who had heard various anecdotes about weed which had, in turn, formed my opinions about it.

I didn’t base any of my feeling regarding marijuana on anything other than rhetoric I had heard from other people. Being a pretty firm believer in the scientific method, snippets from other people became lacking. I turned to the Internet for the real science behind marijuana, a drug I had now been using everyday.

It was important to take responsibility for myself and do my own independent research to find out exactly what I was doing to myself, to understand both the positive and negative effects of weed. I have changed many of my thoughts through my study, and I now feel a lot more confident in my decision to use marijuana.

The Worst Effect of All: Weed Smoke

I have been able to form more solid ideas about marijuana especially in regards to its negative effects as I create this site. The most common impact I find is that of harmful toxins found in smoking. Continuous smoking of weed can be a major contributor to respiratory infection and long-term lung deterioration.

So what is the solution? Vaporizing. If you are unclear what it means to vaporize weed, allow me to explain.

Smoking marijuana involves lighting the plant matter on fire and causing combustion. This releases the active ingredient THC into the air and allows it to be inhaled. However, combustion also releases hundreds of toxins including known carcinogens into the lungs, which is a major health risk.

Vaporizing is different in that it doesn’t require combusting the marijuana to release the THC. Vaporizers have various methods of getting the THC out of the marijuana, but all of them essentially boil or steam the THC into the air. The key benefit of this is that virtually no toxins enter the air and therefore the lungs aren’t subject to harmful smoke.

Lung Damage from Marijuana is Preventable

The greatest danger in consuming marijuana is smoking it. Though there are various negative effects with long term usage, none seem to be anywhere near as hazardous or wide-spread as lung infection and disease. If you are a moderate to daily user, you should definitely own a vaporizer to preserve your lungs, if nothing else.

However, if you want more reasons than that such as getting more THC for your money and increased privacy, please view our page which talks more about how you can start to vaporize weed.


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