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If you answered yes to any of these questions and do not have a vaporizer, then please follow along with me and let me tell you about this amazing process. For years, I was an avid marijuana smoker and I thought there wasn’t much wrong with it. Often we, as people, don’t look for better solutions if we already have one that’s working for us. Smoking definitely worked for me, so why did I need to look for a reason to mix it up?

That all changed when my girlfriend bought me a vaporizer for my birthday a couple years back. When I saw it, I looked at her and thought, “Uh, what is this and why would I want it? Smoking is fine for me.” Luckily, she was smarter than I was and knew I would benefit from it. I started using it, and I was immediately hooked. There is nothing like taking your first huge vaped hit and not coughing AT ALL afterwards. I didn’t realize how much the smoke really irritated me until it was no longer there.

Now, there is absolutely no way I would ever go back to it. To be honest, the idea of smoking now seems almost prehistoric for me as vaporization is the master of THC delivery.

Keep Your Lungs Healthy

The most damaging aspect of marijuana is lung damage due to smoke. When marijuana is combusted, it releases THC into the air, but it also releases hundreds of toxic chemicals as well which are also inhaled. Some of these toxins are even known carcinogens.

The other harmful factor has to do with the temperature at which smoke is inhaled. Because the combustion temperature is so much higher than the evaporating temperature of THC, naturally the breathed in matter is much hotter. This creates painful lung inflammation, redness, and swelling inside the respiratory system.

Vaporization fixes both of these dangerous issues. By only heating the organic matter to the appropriate temperature needed to release THC into the air, toxins are all but eliminated and heat is kept to an absolute minimum.

The Effects of Weed Network also has additional articles written regarding the effects of weed on the lungs.

Medicate in Privacy

Another key benefit of vaporization over smoking is the strength of smell. As stated before, smoking causes marijuana to burn releasing hundreds of toxins and oils into the air. The fumigation of these chemicals and essential oils is what gives marijuana its strong and distinct smell.

Because the only goal of vaporization is to release THC, virtually all of the odor-causing agents inside marijuana remain within the plant and are never put into the air. THC by itself is odorless, it is the other components of marijuana that give off the powerful odor. If discretion is of major concern to you, vaporization is definitely a convenient solution.

Prevent Unnecessary Sickness

One thing I personally noticed when I smoked marijuana is that I got sick more often and it lasted much longer. Whereas before I smoked I might have gotten sick once a year, when I started heavy use I was becoming sick 3-5 times a year. Not only that, instead of the typical 1-3 days of sickness, I was getting hit for at least a week at a time with debilitating symptoms. I attribute this primarily to the irritation, mucus buildup, and inflammation caused by the abusive smoke.

Since I started vaporizing, it has gone back to the normal sickness once a year and I am over it quickly. When I started vaping, I didn’t realize this was going to be one of the benefits. However, if I had known, this benefit would have been enough to sell me on vaporization by itself. Being sick sucks!

 More Green For Your Green

Smoking is a highly inefficient technique for THC delivery. The THC content in marijuana smoke is typically around 10-15% with the rest being mostly harmful substances that your lungs will surely hate you for.

Compare that to vaporization which provides air with a THC content of 80-90% or even more. It is an extremely efficient technique. On top of that, the rest of the air content is benign towards your lungs, so holding in hits is much easier and allows for better THC absorption.

What does this mean for you in the end? It means that you will be getting more effective highs with less marijuana. In the end, an investment into a vaporizer pays for itself simply by using marijuana more efficiently meaning less needs to be used for the desired effect.

Get Your Own Vaporizer and You Won’t Look Back

I spend a significant amount of time in researching for this site and determining what the effects of weed are to anyone who uses. Through this discovery, there is no doubt in my mind that smoking is the most prevalent danger caused by marijuana. This is actually very good news because smoke is completely preventable through vaporization.

There are many several reasons that vaporization is a superior method to enjoy marijuana, each of which gives enough reason to purchase a vaporizer. However, put them all together and it is a no brainer.

If you want to learn more about vaporization and start looking for your very own vaporizer, visit any of the links to our vaporization partner, Vape World. This is where I purchased my vaporizers (I have 3 now), so I can personally vouch for their effectiveness. My hope is that if you read this far, you will take this information seriously and come to the same conclusion I did years ago that smoking is only for dummies who don’t know any better!

Also, if you have any questions or comments for me about vaporization, don’t hesitate to use the contact form or comment below.


So if you are convinced that you need a vaporizer for its health benefits, privacy, efficiency, money savings, or all of the above, but you aren’t sure which one to get, I will share my views on the 3 models I own: the Iolite, the Vapir, and the Volcano.

Iolite – Key Benefits: Size and Portability.

The Iolite is smaller than the size of my hand, and is easily taken wherever I go discreetly. This was actually the first vaporizer I ever owned, and it was what got me hooked on vaporizing. It runs purely on butane, no need for batteries or anything like that. Like most vaporizers, it takes some time to warm up, but after temperature is set, it can easily provide 1-2 hours of THC pleasure. The Iolite also comes in a variety of colors and looks awesome.

Iolite Butane Vaporizer

Vapir – Key Benefits: Portability and Control.

The Vapir is slightly larger than the Iolite, but it still makes for a great portable solution. The key differences between the 2 is that the Vapir is battery operated and allows the user to control the temperature. This is unlike the Iolite which runs at only one (though still effective) temperature. If customization is important, the Vapir is the winner here.

Vapir One 5.0

Volcano – Key Benefits: Efficiency and Delivery.

The Volcano is the mother of all vaporizers. It is the most technologically-advanced, finely-engineered vaporizer I have ever come in contact with and probably in the entire market of vaporizers as well. The absolute best thing about the Volcano is its efficiency. Compare a typical of smoked marijuana, which can last about 2-3 hours for me, to the Volcano where a single bowl can keep delivering all day. Because it is so efficient in its delivery, all of the THC hits you effectively meaning nothing is wasted as opposed to the 80% of waste that comes from smoking. The volcano pays for itself in just a few months for a daily user as they will be restocking on marijuana half as often, if not less.

The other awesome thing is the bag delivery. Not only can you see the vapor, which is rare for any other vaporizer, but it’s perfect for sharing as well if that is something important to you. Overall, the Volcano is hands down my favorite and I continue to use it almost exclusively. The only downside of it is its cost, but again in the long run, it will easily pay for itself and eventually keep even more money in your pocket (which is something I love!)

Volcano Vaporizers by Storz & Bickel